Where have my Mac screenshots gone?


By default, screenshots go to your desktop. A while ago I think I was prompted to save them to Dropbox and I accepted. But now I don’t know where they are, it seems as if they go into thin air.

Shift-Command 4/5/6 - click sound, but no file to be found

I tried to reset the location according to this article but no luck. What is going on?


This Dropbox support post says they go to a screenshots folder within your Dropbox. Also has instructions to turn them off.


I dislike using Google for anything, but I use Google Drive for my work computer because man do I hate Dropbox even more. I hate how it tries to take over your system - no, I don’t want all my photos uploaded to Dropbox when I insert an SD card. No, I don’t want you to take care of my screenshots.

I have to use it alongside GDrive because some people at work use it, but it’s just so awful!

Just leave me alone!


I still like Dropbox for storing some things, eg my Wallet password database. I dont use it for photos and I have a separate app for screenies, which has its own db, and is easy to manage, rather than using the built in keystrokes (which I never remember)


Still haven’t figured out where my screenshots have been going but I have managed to fix it by upgrading to Mojave. The new screenshot utility is great, and I was able to redirect where screenshots go to, even touchbar screenshots which would go to the desktop. I notice that the new utility creates a filename with a different format:
Shift-Command-3/4/6 - Screenshot yyyy-mm-dd hh.mm.ss.png
Shift-Command-5 - Screen Shot yyyy-mm-dd at hh.mm.ss am/pm.png

Apple really should have maintained consistency with the filename, but that’s a minor point.


It would appear that reports of Mojave not removing Grab.app are incorrect. It’s gone.


I stopped using Grab after I found Snap’n’Drag. There’s a free version which I used for about a year before deciding to pay for the upgrade to Pro.



How would you compare SnapNDrag and SnapNDrag Pro to Mojave’s screenshot utility?


Command Shift 3 has existed forever. (System 6? Certainly System 7.)

My only issue with it is that the images are png instead of jpg, so often have to save-as to get it into a usable format for a lot of forums - if that was my required use.


You can change the file format, and most modern formats support png and jpg.


Start up terminal and enter the following command

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type JPG

Now when you do a screenshot it will default to JPG


Given that I dont have Mojave, nor much of a likelihood of upgrading to it… I have no basis to make a comparison.


Woot. Thanks for that.

Much as I generally approve of Apple’s approach to their (computer) OS, this is something that should be accessible via a control panel.


Really wish there was a screenshot floating window, much like iOS that let you take the shot straight into markdown, or drag it over to another app. The thing I miss most from Skitch, apart from it actually working.