Where were you 10 years ago?


Go have a look though those threads and pages, and reminisce about how far we’ve come.


I joined in 2010 :frowning:


In 2008 my Wife had a poly White MacBook and got onto the iPhone 3G from the start, I think I was a little bit behind.

I had a Windows based gaming setup + a HP Mininote 2133 (Viva le netbook!) and from memory a Dopod 838 Pro running a custom ROM of course, which was replaced with the iPhone 3G not long after my wifes. I had little interest in the first instance, for me the big draw card of the iPhone was the fact that Apple managed to turn the telco market for data from near zero and very expensive to something usable.

12 months later and I had ditched Windows in favour of a 2009 17" MBP and never really looked back although these days I play both sides of the fence. Still love the iPhone with an iPhone 8 Plus and no desire to change that.


I have enough trouble remembering where I was yesterday, let alone 10 years ago?


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Didn’t get an iPhone til 2011…


I was still using my iPhone2G in 2008, and continued to do so through 2009 until the 3GS was released. I’ve pretty much stayed with the S model ever since although these days am a couple of generations behind.

On my desk was a 20" iMac, 2007 model. I think I joined Mactalk (which was Appletalk when I first joined) after I bought an eMac in 2003.


I joined in 2005, I think 10 years ago I would have been using one of my MacMinis… not sure which one. Although maybe I’d bought the iMac 21 inch by then… not sure.


LOL. A post where I discuss the way the 80 Megabyte Datapack gets billed.


2008 was without a doubt the peak of my fascination with the Mac. I was running a Power Mac G4 QuickSilver overclocked to 800MHz with a resistor mod, running Mac OS X Leopard unofficially with some software trickery. But even so, I wanted a MacBook Pro. The Unibody structure was new, and it looked stunning.

The iPhone had just been officially introduced in Australia with the release of the iPhone 3G, and I was there to purchase mine on launch week, a Black 8GB from Vodafone, on a contract and number I continue to hold today. The App Store was new, and I downloaded and messed around with apps like iPint, novelties that showed what the accelerometer and gyroscope could do.

MacTalk was a second home. After school I’d come back to that familiar iTunes Leopard-esque design and look through whatever everyone had posted that day. Not necessarily the technology news, because I couldn’t afford most of it (but still dreamed about owning nifty accessories like the Elgato EyeTV), but because of the community itself and how welcoming and inclusive it was. I’d download the MacTalk Podcast onto my second generation iPod Nano and listen to Anthony’s Get This references and showdowns between grilled chicken restaurants because it was fun, different from the often strict and serious tone of other Apple publications at the time. Between the podcast and everyone in the forum community, it felt like I was “part of the crew”. No online community has ever come close to matching that since, in my book (with the exception of AppleTalk, keeping the community connected and that dream alive where Niche couldn’t).

I miss it sometimes. I consider it a “golden era” in my personal technology history, unmatched by anything since, and the fact it was shared with so many incredible, friendly and plain awesome people made it even better.


2008… two years before I joined!

In 2008, I was in Year 7, and had an iPod shuffle. I mainly used a 2005 eMac. I had an LG flip phone from 2003, which I only had for emergencies.

We had:

  • an LC475 - System 7.5.0
  • an iMac G3 (350mhz) - MacOS 9.0.4
  • an eMac G4 (2004) - OSX 10.4 Tiger
  • an eMac G4 (2005) - OSX 10.4 Tiger
  • an iBook G4 (2003) - OSX 10.4 Tiger

Later in the year we got a Compaq Presario for school work that required Windows only software, and Mum’s iBook G4 died from the solder issue, and we replaced it with the first Intel Mac in the house, a 2008 White MacBook that went onto be the first Mac I owned myself. It was also the first time I used Leopard, as the G4 Macs were kept on Tiger (due to fears of issues with Leopard) till Mid 2011.

I think 2008 was the year I got a Centris 650 and two Mac Pluses, to tinker with alongside the family’s trusty LC 475 and iMac G3 (Which then didn’t seem that old!)


2008 was the year I bought my 13inch unibody MacBook (pro) Suprise 10 years later I’m still using a 13inch MacBook Pro. I had an iPod Touch and a Nokia phone at the time. I also had EyeTV compatible tuna.

It was my first year back after a long hiatus owning PCs. I spent 2 large gorillas on my 13inch MacBook because it was the first one I wanted in place of the poly-carbonate ones. It’s still my favorite form factor to date.


July 11, 2008 I had been in Japan for a little over two months, and I really wanted an iPhone 3G, which I eventually got. I had myself a G4 Mac Mini from my university days, and I was experimenting with hackintoshing my Shuttle PC because I was told it shared components with the Intel Mac Mini (it did, and hackintoshing was successful). The junk store next to my apartment had old G4 PowerMacs that were supposedly dead, but I brought them back to life. That was where my love affair with Saving The Macs started. A few months later and I’d be purchasing my MacBook White. Which, you know, I still have. Partly in parts, partly combined with another MacBook White for my Linux Mint/Oreo project. The very computer I am typing on now.


My First Apple product was an iPod… not sure when I got it.1st iPhone was iPhone 4.I also had a Mac mini 2010 but it died.Recently bought a 4K iMac 2017.Going by my iPhotos I’ve been using Apple products since 2013.Haven`t been on this forum for some time.


ROFL. I just assumed because your name was “oldmacs” that you were older than me. Boy was I wrong.

My first Apple Product was an 80GB 4th Gen Ipod Video. I bought it from a Mac Dealer in the Tribeca Development in East Melbourne. The guy who owned or at least worked in the store was Greg Poynton, former Young Talent Team Member :smiley:


Let’s see… 10 years ago I was still on the tools - head tech of a Nokia Care Centre repairing phones.
At home I think I would still have been using an iMac G5 17” which I received as a Christmas gift just weeks before the Intel reveal.
I wouldn’t quite have an iPhone for a few months yet, instead I’d have still been persisting with hacking up iSync plugins to work with the various Nokia phones I had at my disposal.

Given that I’m now about as far removed from a technical role as I could imagine being, a lot has changed in a decade!


@mitty my first personal mac was the G4 Mac Mini, as stated, but the first Mac I used was an Apple ][e in JHS. We had some kind of Performas, I think, when I was in high school.


Hahha, nah! I joined in 2010 for help with two ‘old macs’ I had, and I’ve kept the username :stuck_out_tongue:


From memory 2008 was when I bought my first “modern” Mac (had a Mac SE years before that).

It was a 20" iMac 2.66GHz (still have it) and we only bought as the computer we had was due for replacement and my wife suggested that we get a Mac rather than stick with PCs and I thought “yeah OK, why not”, and that was the beginning of a love of Apple products that lasted until a few years ago when they stopped being upgradable.


I joined MT in 2005 - I was already fully Mac at home back then, but still using Windows at work.

How sad to see the state of current MT. :frowning: