Which ssd for MacBook 13 mid 2010


Hi folks, wanting to upgrade current drive in my MacBook with an ssd to around 500 gb. Samsung or crucial, or … :slight_smile: from msy or … :slight_smile: many thanks in advance, :slight_smile:


My recommendation is go with the Samsung 850 EVO or if you want it to last even longer, the 850 Pro


I upgraded a 2010 MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago, the Samsung 850 EVO drive in 512GB was what i chose.

If your MacBook Pro still has the original memory I’d suggesting putting 8GB of RAM in it as well.


I put 16GB in my mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro when I installed an older 256 GB Samsung SSD in it and it made a huge difference - I’ve since put a 480GB Sandisk SSD in it.


The mid 2012 will take 16GB, I don’t think the 2010 version will from memory.


Good point, I don’t think the mid 2012 does ‘officially’ but it works without any issues. I suspect that the 2010 would not though as you say.


2010 maxed out at 8GB memory.

2011 onwards added the capability of addressing 16GB.


I put 8GB and a Crucial 250GB in my mid 2010 Macbook (not Pro). I’ve had no issues with the Crucial.


Thanks for all of your replies! Seems like everyone is happy with a ssd and they are getting cheaper:) so Samsung or crucial? Have 8gb of memory which I put in last year and should I just go to a Genius Bar and see if they will load a more current os? I have 10.6 at the moment:) many thanks


If you’re upgrading your RAM, I’d suggest buying it from Amazon. They have specials on them all the time. I picked up 16GB (2X8GB) Crucial for AU$85 delivered.


I’m not a fan of Samsung as a company - customer service that makes Dilbert look good - or their products, with which I have had plenty of difficulties. Everyone recommends the 850 EVO though and it’s rare to see them for prices significantly higher than their competitors. I went through the choice a few months ago with one of the work machines and, for the size I was looking at (250GB) it just wasn’t worth buying anything else.


I’d recommend the Samsung 850 EVO as well. Good performance and reliable.