Which Weather app for Watch?


I’m not that happy with the built in weather app, its just wrong, most of the time, so I’m looking for an alternative. I’ve used Pocket Weather forever, but for some reason it refuses to display temperature or anything else useful. I bought Carrot Weather, its alright but not very accurate for here.

What else is out there thats actually any good? Its a pest being inland from the main weather centres because accuracy is always off the mark. Today and yesterday tho, So far off as to be ridiculous. Its been off and on overcast for days but apparently that means its raining (its not).

Any suggestions?

[edit] Murphy’s law says that the app will work IMMEDIATELY you hit “send”. So pocket weather is working. Still, anything else one should look at? PW took at least 5 minutes to get the info.


My gripe with Pocket Weather is the useless Watch complication, which only shows you the forecast maximum temperature for the day. I love it on the iPhone, but for the Watch I use OzWeather, which shows the current conditions, temperature and wind speed and direction. It gets its data from the BOM so it should be very accurate :slight_smile:


Oh great, Thanks for that!

[edit] and YAY it includes Newcastle University, which is a hell of a lot closer to me than Nobbys Station


Subsequent to this discussion from last year, I discovered Wunderground and Wunderstation. Out here where I live, the general weather reports for the area are grossly inaccurate. I’ve found that Wunderground is much more accurate because its giving me information from a weather station a couple of blocks away. I’m dying to get a PWS myself, but other things first. Screenies from watch app incoming shortly. I will say this: the watch app is very slow to update and sometimes it just stops, and needs to be forced to close.

Main Screen

Scrolled down a tad

And you even get a little low res radar - I never look at it, usually.


Does it have a complication for the Watch?


Yep. I have mine set on the main screen i use, and that gives me a small summary.