Who is beta testing High Sierra?


I will likely to a fresh install as well (Touch Bar MBP), after using migration assistant last time around…


It does download a small installer first, when you enrol via the website. But that small installer then calls up the App Store and from there it downloads the High Sierra installer. At least that was the workflow for me. So you might be right about the version hops, or you truly do have some issue stopping you from getting to the verification server.


Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on either. Tried again this morning to download the GM from the Mac App Store, same issue.

Changed my DNS, flushed my cache, same issue.

Starting to think it might be because I don’t have a Recovery partition? Might put that back sometime over the weekend to see if it makes a difference, will report back, otherwise I’m thinking I’ll just download it from another Mac.


Well, I see an issue for putting High Sierra on my Mac Pro at this point anyhow: the required update to my NVIDIA drivers doesn’t have a High Sierra version yet. I’ve needed to update my NVIDIA drivers immediately after every single update of Sierra, so I am pretty positive that I’ll need new drivers. I bet those won’t drop until the official final release on September 25th. For that reason, I’ll hold off on putting it on the Mac Pro.

But it’s running perfectly on the MacBook Pro. It’s not even noticeable as far as being a different user experience. It’s a bit snapper though, and I’ve seen something of a drop in RAM usage.


The GM Candidate is out, but you need to login back to beta.apple.com and download the full installer from the Mac App Store.

Build number is 17A362a


Meh. Final release is in 10 days. I can wait. Especially since I still don’t see an NVIDIA web driver updates.


GM came through for me overnight. Running now, super slick. Runs awesome on my new MBP.


Installed the GM on my 2013 MBP. So far I can not tell the difference, LOL.


Snow Leopard all over again :slight_smile:


We can only hope. I think Snow Leopard has to be up there with 10.4 as one of the greatest Apple OS releases of all time (following one of the worst in Leopard).


I ran Snow Leopard on all my machines for years and I still have two running it - our Mac Mini server because I can’t be bothered updating it, and another Mini for running a PPC version of MYOB.


Snow Leopard was one of the best operating systems Apple produced. It also ran Premiere 6.x still. And very well at that. Every now and then, I consider reinstalling it!


And now it looks like a bunch of people are having hissy fits over the news that APFS won’t be supported on Fusion drives. The fact that it was and then it wasn’t suggests that they may have run into some unexpected problems with it. Or, maybe it’s indicative of the complete incompetence of the entire management team. Apple is no doubt doomed and we’re all going to die. /irony


I’m running APFS on my SSD. Haven’t had a bit of trouble, and I’m about to clone this over to RAID 0 SSD. I am confused. Is this just fusion drives, or any SSD drives? o.O


No, just Fusion is the report. I’m guessing spinning rust is the problem - it’s probably not supported on any traditional disk drives.

And, whilst I admire your courage, file systems are a pretty big deal and not something I would ever run in beta on a machine that mattered. There are probably people on this forum who were yet to be born when Apple last changed their file system - MacOS 8.1, in January 1998! And, as much as I’m looking forward to the new shiny, and I really am looking forward to APFS, I will be waiting until at least 10.13.1 before I migrate the machines I rely on.


I don’t have anything of any importance on the MacBook Pro at the moment. I also keep back ups of back ups of back ups, and as such, wouldn’t lose anything if the system burped. No big deal.

The Mac Pro on the other hand… Running Sierra and staying that way until I am satisified all the kinks are out and I have drivers.


I gave the gm candidate a go and I found out they’ve removed google integration with messages. I use that a lot every day, and I appreciate being able to handle all my chats in the one app, so I might hold off on high sierra until it breaks at google’s end.

It also broke the night shift and handoff hacks I put on my old laptop. Maybe they’ll be updated soon to work, maybe not, so also another reason to wait for me.

Updating to macOS High Sierra

Been running it since GM was released. Happy so far, no real issues but no big differences that I can see. Maybe I need to search harder


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