Who knows where mobile apps are stored?


They used to be in iTunes–>Music–>Mobile Applications. But, my Mobile applications folder is empty. Where have the apps gone? My iTunes shows that apps exist on my computer, I just can’t find them.


Go to iTunes > right click on app icon > Show in Finder


Thanks! :). Seems Mobile Applications is now in 2 places on my Mac, one where it used to be (empty) and the other inside iTunes Media. Probably been there for yonks but I had not been bothering to look for ages. After reading the link about disappearing apps from Bennyling’s news post, I decided it was time for a backup.


You don’t need to store your apps on your Mac anymore. Just download them direct to your iPhone or iPad. I haven’t stored any apps on my Mac for ages and there have been no problems.


kyte, is asking, Where they are stored so you can take a backup locally in case they get removed from the store and are unavailable to download from the previous purchase list.


And what will you do when an app gets abandoned or otherwise disappears ftom the store?