Wireless audio question: digital to analogue conversion from a TV


Hoping someone may be able to share some insights…

My father’s hearing picks up less than it used to, and recently picked up some products to help with this.

He picked up some Philips wireless headphones (SHC8800) for his TV, and a Digital to Analogue audio converter https://www.jaycar.com.au/digital-to-analogue-audio-converter/p/AC1715 (if I recall correctly, the TV output is optical).

He has a new Samsung TV, and with regular TV the audio is as expected. However, when he tries to watch Netflix, the audio to the headphones is a buzzing noise only (can’t hear any artefacts of the program’s audio).

I have tested the headphones directly connected via a cable and the result is the same. For me, this indicates it is the audio converter? Could it be faulty, or is there something different about the audio from the TV via Netflix?

Appreciate any thoughts…


That is kind of weird, but the converter is an obvious thing to try and eliminate.

Before you take it back though, I’d also be trying other program sources too. Does the TV do YouTube or something else other than TV or Netflix you can test it with?

See what you can rule out. Good luck.


It’s possible that Netflix is outputting an encoded auto stream, possibly Dolby or even MPEG audio, expecting the receiver to be able to decode that.

You’ll need to have a search around in the TV’s settings to see if you can tell it that the “receiver” on the end of the optical link can only handle two channel stereo, or “down mix” the audio to stereo.


Thanks, I will have a look at the settings next time I visit.


I hd. look at the TV today. The audio has two settings: standard and surround. I switched it to standard and opened Netflix, and it appeared to fix the issues. Unfortunately every other time I switched form surround to standard it was the same buzzing noise…

Not sure if it is the jay car adapter, if the TV might need a restart, or it is something else. Will have another look next time I visit.