Wireless charger stands for iPhone


Hi guys - am after some recommendations for a decent looking, quality wireless charger stand for my iPhone X. I want my iPhone to be seated upright, so am not after a pad. Suggestions? My searches for one to date turn up some pretty ugly looking units. I’ll sacrifice charging speed (within reason) in favour of aesthetics.


I bought a dirt cheap one on sale from Officeworks. Some random Cosmol brand. It stands up, and was only $14 or something. Seems to work ok, I use it at work.

For home, I supported this kickstarter, which has a magnetic dock for the phone, and also charges the watch as well.

I’m waiting for it to be delivered still - it’s my holdover until the Airpad comes out.


Mophie just announced availability of their own:


Otherwise there’s the Apple-exclusive, Logitech one that they designed in conjunction with Apple:


Cheers guys. Will check them all out.

That Kickstarter unit looks awesome!