Wireless Charging


So has anyone jumped on board the wireless charging with their new iPhones (or older ones with a wireless charging case)?

I’ve got an eBay special to see if it worked with my case, turns out it’s actually pretty cool. I’ve ordered a couple of standup versions which I’m waiting for to replace my bedside charger and the one on my office desk.

Turns out I needed a lamp in the lounge room too so picked up a RIGGAD at Ikea yesterday. Wireless charging + a USB port for other things (like the ATV remote)

The last thing I’m considering is a magnetic car charger/holder. I’ve already got a magnetic one which seems to work very well and is quite convenient. I am concerned that it wont be able to deliver enough power to cover GPS navigation + streaming audio from the net over bluetooth + actually charging the phone at the same time. Hell, the cable can struggle when it’s warm. Has anyone tried these sort of things out?


I have the Riggad lamp for my 8 Plus. It is pretty cool not having to plug your phone in to charge it, but it is fairly slow. I have it as my bedside lamp so I put my phone on the pad to charge it overnight.


That would be perfect for the bedside table…hmmm…


I bought 10 cheap DealExtreme QI pads a year ago or thereabouts, for around $30 all up. Been using one at work and one at home for my X. Works fine. I don’t use it to charge up completely, or quickly. Just somewhere to put my phone while I’m not moving around for a while. Gave one to my wife for her 8, and gave a couple to mates with Galaxy S8s.


Out of interest, does anyone know is wireless charging is efficient? I wonder how much more it costs to charge via wireless vs wire…


That’s an interesting question. I’d also be interested in working out what the vampire drain on a wireless charger is vs a wired one.