Working with Apple?


I just moved here from Auckland, New Zealand and wondering how can one get into technician etc roles? I have been working as technician for apple products back in NZ for almost two years and have done repair/troubleshooting on every single apple device.

We don’t have apple in NZ yet but lot of distributors. I checked website but there’s no info for technician etc. Any help/suggestions welcomed.


If there isnt anything there, then no go. You could try places like Mac1.


Try the resellers or 3rd party repairers (i.e. MyMac or CentreCom). Often they will help you get your ACMT on the job (then the training is free vs having to pay for it!).

Edit: These days being an Apple tech working or Apple seems to be more about being a people person rather than a technical person.


You do not need an ACMT to work at Apple. A large percentage of their Genius Bar staff have no prior IT experience what so ever and are built from the ground up. What you need is a decent resume that will get their attention and then an awareness to the few times a year when they’re hiring.

Their hiring policy is more like the modern form of retail that you would find in a company like Coles/Woolworths, or McDonalds. They like to work with people they are familiar with and hire from within even if the bigger roles such as internships are listed on their retail jobs website. Actually if you have previous work experience with Coles/Woolworths/McDonalds they generally regard it well.

I’ve gotten the interview. I never made it through the full process to working retail. 6 of one half a dozen of the other. I don’t think I’m as interested in working in the retail side of Apple anymore. I’m just not as enthusiastic about Apple as I once was.