Wow! Apple Retail fed square!



I saw it on my Apple PR RSS feed. Inspired by Buddhist temples, or at least that’s what I see. The bronze is nice!

Edit: full images available


Woooo Melbourne CBD Store**!

**coming soon

  • “soon” = 2020


Quite the eye sore.


Looks great. What is it that makes it a global flagship? Is it the architecture alone?


Wow that looks incredible, amazing architecture!


So long Arintji. Have eaten there a few times and the food was incredible, the service was amazing. Hopefully they move somewhere close by.

I’m really in two minds about this. My Apple nerdishness is thrilled i won’t finally have to travel out to the burbs for Genius Bar Visits or store pickups. But the way this has been done just reeks of Apple Arrogance and it doesn’t exactly make the State Government look great either. There have been numerous opportunities for a Flagship Store to open up in a bunch of other locations. i just don’t understand why it absolutely had to be this, when other choices would have been just as great.


I’m a bit conflicted too. It’s a huge statement, but then Apple is a huge company with massive aspirations. One of which, from what I’ve read recently, is for stores to become a kind of 21st century town square. Obviously that can’t be 100% literal, but given the notion, Fed Square makes really good sense. Kinda ballsy too. It wouldn’t have been easy pulling that deal off. I’m guessing Angela Ahrendts would be a good person to have on your team in tough situations.

What other locations would be equivalent do you reckon? Serious question. None come to my mind immediately, but it’s a while since I knew the city well so I figure I’m probably missing some.

Interesting. I see a nod to Japan, so perhaps some Zen Buddhist influence? I’m not really a student of architectural styles though.

Overall, the look of it is not my thing, based on these images, and I like the design less than some of the other flagship stores. I absolutely will not be complaining about being able to visit an Apple Store that isn’t in a mall though.


Probably the fact that they managed to get Melbourne to agree to tear down that (admittedly iconic) shard-y building in order to build their retail store lol


It makes the rest of the square look even more awful than it currently is in comparison.

But the way this has been done just reeks of Apple Arrogance and it doesn’t exactly make the State Government look great either.

Mmmmyes. The implication from the article is the state government had more of a role than simple regulatory approval, if ‘simple’ is the appropriate word to link with this. I smell Big Government and Big Business getting together. I suspect you will find Big Union in there somewhere too once construction contracts are disclosed. The holy Triumpherate* that rules the rest of us.

*not a spelling mistake.


I think it looks good, but then taste is very subjective :stuck_out_tongue:

Do we start taking predictions on if it ever gets built now… or later? It will be interesting to see what arguments are put up against it and how much traction they gain. Election promises anyone?

Most of us probably couldn’t care less where it’s built as long as it’s within the CBD somewhere… just not Southbank or Docklands :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind the style of the building but I don’t think the style or color meshes well with the rather errr distinctive style of the existing Fed Square buildings.

The location is good though.


Interesting article in The Age by one of the original architects. He reckons it’s entirely appropriate and, no, they didn’t design the new store. From what I’m told, they were consulted on it though.


And in other news, employees of My Mac Federation Square updated their resumes overnight…


Agreed. The Apple design looks thoroughly out of place.

Surely SuperJoni could have come up with a design a bit more sympathetic to its environment.

Where’s Frank Gehry when we need him? :slight_smile:


Yes, out of place. But better. And an improvement compared with the graceless Godzilla den the square is currently. So ugly it has some charm though.


Liberty Sanger was on the Federation Square Board Director 2009-2012. She was on ABC 774 this morning and made some good arguments as to why the Yarra Building should go.

I think the new building will be great.


Some interesting counterpoints in the nationwide rag this afternoon.

It’s in Melbourne, and I don’t live there so I’ll reserve any judgement. If this store were being placed in a similar area and in a similar manner somewhere in Adelaide though, I’d be inclined to agree with the piece. I wouldn’t want it there anymore than I’d want an Apple Store smack bang in the middle of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Incredible architecture or not, its purpose is to sell consumer electronics, and the middle of a public use and cultural space doesn’t feel appropriate.

But hey, Melbourne, you do your thing.


The Federation Square website says it’ll host workshops, classes and live music events for the public. It takes up less space than the current building, and it’s designed to connect the square to the Yarra River and Birrarung Marr. It also gives more space for the square’s proposed digital art gallery.

Sure it’s a commercial project, but to me it reads like Melbourne is gaining a lot more than it is losing from the removal of the existing building.