WWDC 2017 - What will we see


It’s a given that we’ll see the next versions of OS X, iOS, watchOS plus I also suspect updates to XCode and Swift.

There have already been ‘leaks’ of MacBook updates (across the line I think) and suspicions of a Siri speaker.

So what else might there be? Personally I’d like to see updated iMacs and Mac Minis (but doubt we’ll see anything there until later in the year), the Mac Pro update is about 12 months away yet


Does new hardware generally debut at WWDC? Isn’t it more about software?


In recent years no, but it used to. A lot of talk about this Siri speaker, new MacBooks (Air, Pro and Retina) plus the iPad Pros (from trusted sources).


Siri speaker would be cool - can’t wait, I’d get one.


I reckon we’ll see official eGPU support in the next version of macOS.


Sis, where’d you get rumoured MacBook Air updates from? I have literally not seen that machine referenced anywhere in rumour roundups :skull:


Macrumors mentions it, but dont provide any source. I suspect wishful thinking.


Hope they do update it. Just put in a new processor, graphics and replace thunderbolt with USB C. I hate purchasing 2015 for work, so hopefully it gets an update.


I dare say we wont be able to see whatever it is at all - it will be too thin, too flat for the naked eye to behold. But we’ll be told we definitely all need it, and not to worry if it costs a lot of money - cost is not important.


I used to believe it when Steve told me that, Cosmic. Cook I expect to start bullshitting unconvincingly as soon as he walks on stage.


This will the first WWDC in quite some time that I won’t be getting up to watch. The last couple of early morning launches have frankly been anti-climaxes and I think I’d prefer the sleep. I’m hoping I go “doh!” because of cool new stuff, and can always watch it later. But one of the 5 minute summaries should be enough.


I got up for my first last year, but I’ve since started working full time so there will be none of it this year!


Also I will be doing the same. Hasn’t been worthwhile getting up for an Apple event in quite awhile.

I’ll put my standard prediction in for disappointment as it tends to happen every year. People need to remember their rumours and anyone with the website can post rumours they can also claim there a journalist with sources too.


I must confess I have not bothered since the first one after Steve died.


Mw neither as they have not been worth while and Tim Cook is just so boring and artificial


Oh dont get me wrong. I still watch them, but I just don’t get the same sense of excitement as I used to, in the leadup, so I dont bother getting out of bed for them. Also, I’m too bloody old to bother as well.

I like Tim Cook, but he isnt Steve, and he isnt a marketing guru as Steve was. I don’t think he really knows what the people want, but he knows what the shareholders want and more profit seems to be the driving factor these days. Profit was always important, it has to be, for any business, but Steve Jobs struck a fine balance between profit and keeping the customer satisfied (hmm, sounds like a song, LOL! Paul Simon anyone?). Tim isnt comfortable in his role on stage and its painfully obvious. Then again I dont think any of them are, really. Steve was the man, he was a showman, a marketer extraordinaire and a joy to listen to. And those days are gone.


Forstall could have, which is why Cook knew he had to go.


I liked Steve as much as the next guy, but if you’re not watching it because of Cook you’re doing it wrong. Cook hardly does anything, it’s his henchmen that make the actual announcements, and of those, C-Fed is where it’s at.


I did wonder about that…


If you like completely artificial scripted people that look, act and move like Thunderbird puppets