WWDC 2017 - What will we see


That would annoy about the same percentage of MacBook owners as removing the headphone port from the iPhone annoyed iPhone owners!

The new iMacs look good (and USB C on a desktop doesn’t create the same issues it does on a mobile device, such as lost adaptors).


Luckily Apple announced (a couple of months ago) that they’re devolving a whole new Mac Pro range but its going to take them time.


Well, I have a wishlist based on some of today’s announcements. I think that 10.5" iPad Pro is probably the very best compromise (for me) for the stuff I use it for (which is nearly everything, these days)… and in combination with iOS11, it will easily replace my Macbook. Guess my Air2 and macbook will be on the market before long.

This is almost like the Apple of old.



I should play this prediction game more often! :wink:

This is huge for me. Mac Pro usage is heavily focussed on the GPU for me.


I am so glad I watched live. It was awesome. Real old school “but wait there’s more” Apple keynote. Jam packed with amazing things.


I reckon this announcement confirms what I’d previously said / believed - that the Mac Pro was going to be ended and replaced by iMac & iMac Pro range, but now will also live on as a super high end range above both, thankfully. If this is the spec they are putting in the iMac Pro, then the real Mac Pro will be (rightfully) an absolute monster I’d guess!

As an aside, as someone who had a client with 3x 27-inch iMacs all have their AMD video cards die from overheating in the same week (last week!) there is no way in hell I’d buy an iMac with an 18-core Xeon and a hot video card. New thermal design or not. (where have I heard that before… oh right, with the Mac Pro :joy:)


Looks like you got your wish…


Yes much as I’d love a 27" iMac I think having a 24" 4K iMac with a second 27" screen would be the best way to go when and if I can get a new machine , especially given the information on 27" iMacs in another thread that iMic posted