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Always watching! by swoffa, on Flickr


Something went wrong here. I’m seeing squashed up kid cricketers instead of an owl… Nice owl though :slight_smile:

[edit] OOOO that was weird. all OK now, I am seeing it as its supposed to be.


A little photo of my girls from today


Did you zoom in/crop the photo? Or did you get up really close? Staring so intently I’d be backing off facing him in case he launched at me while I was walking away!


Love it :slight_smile: I never manage to find owls around here, though I know they are about. What kind is that?

Here’s a couple from me, morning at the water tray that I keep filled for the local feathery things.

Noisy Miners
Bath time by Sue Wotton, on Flickr

Red Wattlebird
Red Wattlebird by Sue Wotton, on Flickr


@mijs @kyte I think this is a Barking Owl, but don’t quote me.

Pretty heavy crop from the 24-70. She/he had a friend very close and they were sharing a possum for dinner. Although watching us intently they didn’t appear to be ruffled by our presents. We hung for a few minutes then left them alone. When I first noticed them, one was only 3-4 meters directly above me.


Met this young lady wearing what I assumed was a costume, but turned out to be her normal dress fashion.

5D3_8238.jpg by swoffa, on Flickr


Interesting, if a bit weird. The clothing. Not the shot. LOL


@swoffa I think your owl might be a Powerful Owl. They are on the endangered or vulnerable list depending on where you are.

REad here:


Yes I think you’re correct Sue, thanks. Another site I looked at didn’t have as clear pictures.

She called it Lolita fashion.


Testing out the E-M1 from Wilson’s Outlook. Sadly, I neglected to charge my battery before having an afternoon nap so didn’t get the chance for test shots in daylight.

Anyone from Brisbane want to do a photowalk sometime?


Nice one, Angus. If I was in Brisbane, I would come. But, I’m not. I must confess I have had a bit of a hankering for the E-M1. But, also for the Sony RX1, the fuji XT1, etc etc etc. Too many wonderful cameras, too few funds. LOL.


I’m in Victoria otherwise I’d come along. I enjoy using my EM-1 a lot although I don’t get as much time for photography as I’d like, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of yours.

Have you had a look at the Micro 4/3rd users forum yet? There are a fair number of regular Australian users.

MU 4/3 forum


Thats one of Amin Sabet’s many forums. I usually hang out in the Photo Lounge and FujiXspot.


I haven’t but good to know.


Had my youngest daughter’s Childcare Christmas Party. First time I’ve seen her really mesmerised by Santa. Not sure who the other serious child was staring at the camera.


You really do take vibrant photos MM


Thanks Angus. It’s mostly thanks to the glass


Here’s a few more from my Phantom!

This is Montville and Maleny on the Sunshine Coast :slight_smile:


A few from my honeymoon in the states earlier in the year.

Pier Fishing by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Yosemite by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

City View by Oliver
, on Flickr