Your Photography Thread


Few more E-M1 test shots from in Brisbane city tonight.


Took this from the Valley yesterday as the storm rolled over, not 100% sure if I like it or not.


Golden orb I nearly put my hand in while hanging up my washing.


They scare the crap out of me just because of their size. I know they are harmless but they are bloody monster and the webs they create as massive.


Their venom kill you, but I think they’re far from harmless. You’d know about it if one bit you.


Harmless as it won’t kill you. “The bite causes local pain, redness, and blisters that normally disappear within a 24-hour interval”


Probably one of the most painful bites I’ve had in a long time, ‘local pain’ just made me chuckle, felt more like my arm was going to catch fire and drop off.


I haven’t done this either so I don’t know the pain first hand, but you’ve never come into contact with a stonefish or scorpionfish have you?


Nope, I’m guessing they’re pretty bad too?


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Haven’t done it, but I’ve known of people who’ve had a limp for up to six months afterwards.


Here’s another one of mine from earlier in the year. Don’t find anywhere as much time to go out shooting as much as I used to, hope fully over Christmas I can get away for a bit and indulge

Lunch Bar by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr


I really just wanted to post my mini cicada. I’ve never seen one so small, it was about 2" or less from head to wingtips


And my agapanthus, processed in a multiplicity of iPad apps, but mostly Snapseed


Kyte, does Snapseed have a Photos extension at all?

Took this on Saturday night from the Mount Gravatt Lookout.


Not yet. But it’s been a while since the last update, so maybe in future. GEt it anyway, it’s free (annoying. I paid for it, and for the desktop version that Google killed off)


Looks good, but got murdered by JPEG artifacts or is it my POS monitor?


Did a Christmas photo with my two girls which was about as easy as drinking soup with chopsticks. I set up a flash with a soft box, got them to sit down and took two photos before they left and wouldn’t let me have another go so I’m surprised it came out looking half decent. Would have liked to have a couple more goes to perfect some of the lighting but it wasn’t meant to be.


It is little a bit noisy, but it doesn’t look terrible. I was pushing the ISO up a fair bit (got few taken at 32000 and 64000). Still in the testing phase with this camera at the moment.


Have they got burnout? They’ve been well photographed over the past months :slight_smile: