Your Photography Thread


Spotted this hanging off an agapanthus in the rain, the other day. Spider is hiding, as you would.


Not a photo, but I’ve been working on this video for a little while…


Good collection of clips.:grinning:

What drone/camera ar you using.

It may be vimeo but some of the aqua/ green colours seem oversaturated on my monitor


I think it may be your monitor! On all three I have checked it on they’re perfect :smile:

But thanks for the feedback - I’m using a DJI Phantom 3 advanced. Shooting at 2.7k.


Beautiful work, great editing. Really enjoyed watching on my iPad at full screen.


Here’s an old one taken at the MCG. Must have been a boring match.

And one from the Bourke Street Mall.


Those portraits are lovely. What processing? I love the light and colour.


Had to go back to see what I did with the woman(2011), looks like I did a bit. Some split toning, boosted the reds and blues, reduced yellow and green. Slight increase in saturation and boosted clarity. Pulled blacks and recovery right back and boosted contrast. Didn’t realise I did so much.

The gent had the highlights pulled right back and a slight bump in clarity. It was a very bright day around lunchtime

All edits in Lightroom.


A photo of the fireworks last night


Here’s one that’s now 8 years old… But I have savagely cropped, edited and processed on the iPad. I lied before. It wasn’t a superzoom it was my K200D + Tammy 70-300. Silly me.


Central Park and northern Manhattan from the Empire State Building. 16/12/15 Nikon D800, 50mm @ f/6.3, 1/640.


They are hard to get close to, nor do they sit still for very long. Nice pic, loving the bokeh


Sunset in Port Melbourne this evening. Would love to have to got to Princes Pier for this.


Nice one MM.

The ‘G’ last night.

*Edit: it would appear though there’s an upload button on the phone, it doesn’t actually work.

Edit2 : Wow that was hard work on the iPad. Finally worked out how to copy the flickr bbl code though. Been trying for weeks.


You must share the secret, because I have never successfully copied the code.

And… I just bought another camera. I must be nuts. This time from 2nds World who seem to land a lot of second hand Panasonic cameras. It’s the FZ1000 with the 1" sensor and it’s beautiful. Photos yet to come, I’ve only been shooting in the yard and street thus far.


Both shot at 1600mm. The digital zoom on the FZ1000 works quite well, though not in all circumstances :slight_smile:


I selected the start of the bbcode and then pulled down on the right toggle(?). That was the only way I could get it to select all the hidden url stuff to the right. Give it a burl and see how you go.
I haven’t worked out how on the phone as yet though.

That mudlark looks like he’s falling off. Nice timing.:grinning:


Here’s hoping. I still had to fight to get the selection…

Ducks. What else. by Sue Wotton, on Flickr

OOOO it all seems to be there. Good trick. THANKS!!


Some manipulation of an old photo from a couple of years ago.


Nice. Beautiful work :slight_smile: