Your Photography Thread


And a couple more.


It’s a Maltese shitzu (not sure on the spelling either) cross


Thought I would liven this up with a couple of new photos from April and May.


I liked this happy snappy:


Here’s mine from today, we were both having one of those CBF type of days.

by Oliver, on Flickr


Happy with my current crop of compact and superzooms. Mostly the Panny FZ1000.


Bloody loving the iPhone SE. This is straight from camera last week.


Got around to processing some more from my honeymoon today :slight_smile:

Caught! by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Central Park by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Lunch Bar by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr




Took my drone for a flight around a construction site yesterday :slight_smile:


What sort of cameras do the drones lug about proprietary or just a GoPro on a mount?


The Phantoms have a proprietary camera with a Sony sensor.


Mounted my camera on my motorbike for a quick attempt this evening for sunset. Didn’t get what I wanted but it didn’t come out badly.




That is a stunning shot. I don’t think I have ever seen one quite like it, so yes, not too bad!!!


Thanks Kyte. I need to find a way to get the camera a little further forward on the bike. Even with the 20mm it was too close to me, so the plan is to find a way to mount it further forward so it has a wider view of the background. Was hoping for something with a little more sunset in the background but because it was so close, the background didn’t come out. I wasn’t expecting the reflection ones to come out that well as it wasn’t the intention. The other issue was getting the shutter right, you have to be going fairly fast to get decent background blur (and I couldn’t because I was in a 60 zone) so the initial attempts at 1/50 and 1/25 weren’t great and I couldn’t go slower because of the sun. I’ll add a 6 or 10 stop filter to it to help with the next attempt


Well then, I cannot wait to see the next effort!


Looking forward to the next instalment, MM.

Thought this one looked boss as it is.


Nice MM, could you add flash to freeze the action, yet leave the ambient for your back ground. Would be hard light and may not be the look your going for.

A soft box maybe. Let me know if you try this. I want to be there as you ride down the road. :grinning:


I think the flash side would be pretty touch due to the reflection on the helmet and the having a bright light in your face :slight_smile:

Had another shot, this time at 1 second shutter. Way too slow to get the rider stead, so my guess is that about 1/25 is about right but I’ll need more speed.

On the up side, had a nice sunset yesterday although I missed most of it.