Your Photography Thread


More dog spam, but I’m sure you guys can handle it. I need something to get me back into photography after a fairly long hiatus.

Harvey-0054 by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Harvey-0109 by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr


How do you get your dogs to stay still that long!!!?? Mine never do!


Haha, mine will do anything for a bit of cheese. It’s all about the bribes baby.

That and and 8fps burst normally works well.


Nice. Unfortunately mine are 15 y.o, and deaf/blind so they struggle to understand the bribes anymore! :frowning:


Bummer. Mine’s just about to turn 1 so he’s full of beans at his quietest, which is good and bad, although the futon wouldn’t agree :confused:


Been researching these now since reading your post, mate, sounds like a bit of fun and something I would definitely be interested in, did you buy direct from DJI or somewhere else? Any other advice for a noob?


Took this today. I’m looking to use some Nikon FX lenses on a DX camera. Not sure if I am doing this wrong


Looks like one of those funny stock photos. You should sell it as one.


Its just over 2 years since my dear wee Tommy had to be euthanased… And on Monday I woke up and knew it was time to go visit the RSPCA again. I had decided I wanted another tabby, and that a girl would be preferred… So I came home with a 1 year old boy, who’s a tuxedo cat. Oh well. It was right. He’s a livewire at this age but such a cuddly fellow, and so nice to have around. He’s already got some Tommy habits (good ones) so we are getting along famously :slight_smile: Napping on one of Tom’s old green towels.


Converted my entire system from Nikon to Fuji so here are a couple of test shots


The calm after the storm…


Pre super moon


Some ducks!


Super moon!


Hey MM,
What was the inspiration to switch across?


I put my thoughts down here but short answer, wanted to switch to mirrorless when AF was fast enough. Nikon was nowhere to be found and so far behind that there are 90 year old pensioners who are more in touch with mirrorless innovation than Nikon. Saw the cash back offer from Fuji, listed my gear for the price I needed to buy new gear and it sold within a week so I replaced 2 and 4 year old gear with brand new Fuji gear. So far I’m pretty happy. I haven’t lost anything any terms of picture quality.


It’s not the gear to be honest, this is Micro Four Thirds, if you can’t get a good photo you’re not trying hard enough today. Sensor size means squat. At Four Thirds type and beyond, it’s how you process the image that matters and while most of the people who shoot mirrorless cameras are geriatrics the majority of people who still take photos with traditional cameras are geriatrics anyhow. I don’t care for discriminating. I do what I like with photography and it keeps my mind in a safer place for it because it is my meditation.


Top down from 400ft :slight_smile:


Some oldies

Shot with an Olympus Mju1020

K5 + Kit 18-55 WR

And a couple more recent

Getting his rays on my rooftop



I’m still in two minds (thanks for all the info too btw). I was looking at purchasing an E-M1 II (I really do like my E-M1), and I do have a decent setup of M. Zuiko micro four thirds lenses. However: Olympus Service Center have had my 40-150mm lens hood in for warranty repair for 3 weeks now, haven’t even looked at it and are being vague with a turnaround time and communication in general.

Panasonic G85’s always an option but seriously considering my options for camera systems ATM.