Your Photography Thread


I don’t think any of them are better when it comes to support. Nikon didn’t communicate either. If you’re already invested in 4/3’s, I’d stay with it if you can. The Em-1 looks like a really good camera.


I would move, but it’s too hard to move without losing copious amounts of money. As I’ve said elsewhere if you’d have told me where Sony is now and where Olympus would be five years ago I’d have had the A7 every day of the week. While I’m getting better at what I do it’s still a pain to work inside a box with so many limitations and where not reseting your camera between shots can result in ISO noise that really shouldn’t be there otherwise.

It wont affect the photo at print, but noise is one of my biggest bug bears. Especially if you get set up early in the morning to minamise atmospheric haze from heat and then you check the back of your camera and realise you just shot at ISO500 because you didn’t reset.

Rise by Orestes, on Flickr


My Sets are your friend.


First photo with my new iPhone 7+.

It's a dog's life.
by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Straight out of the phone, with built in B&W processing. Must say, it’s a step up over my old 5S…


Just some fields and a river :slight_smile:


Called them and gave them a kick up the pants on Monday. Got the shipping notification today, hopefully should have it back Friday.


Camera in use: Panasonic FZ1000. Software in use: Snapseed and Photos.

I had never used manual focus on this camera and because the AF wasnt nailing it (or my capacity to manage it is stuffed) I decided to give manual a go. I was pleasantly surprised to find that manual focus on this camera is much easier than on any other (including the Pentaxes) that I have.

Yes its been sharpened up a bit, and yes its been cropped to heck And I thought I had already posted this, but perhaps intention and reality were somewhat intertwined and I forgot.

Liking the FZ more and more every time I use it :slight_smile:



This isn’t bad when you consider it was taken by my 6yr old. I was holding the softbox off to the one side with my hand while she took the photo handheld


REally beginning to enjoy the LX-100. Its only taken me about 6 months to begin bonding with it…




I visited Mum this weekend, she gave me my Grandfather’s old camera bag.

Alas, his old Nikon SLR and lenses, bought while in Japan about 50 years ago, got sold off a few years ago for next to nothing D:
However, inside the bag (and in very good condition) was an oldie and a not quite as oldie - will have to try and track down some film for them both.


Did a group model shoot for fun a couple of weeks back. Was a good experience


Picked up this little guy (ringtail possum) last night. Not really a great photo, it was quite shy… Possibly cold and starving when found!


Been nothing since the Sep 2017 so decided to revive this thread

Did two TFP shoots recently, one as a motorcycle, the other as a railway shoot. A couple of holiday shots from Fiji


My last two that I’ve processed. Loving the New (to me) A7.

Harvey by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Ace by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr


Travelled through Singapore on my way back from Vietnam last month and visited the amazing Apple store on Orchard Road. Just a minimalist photo of the impressive stairs:


My latest:

Bush Garden
by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr

Outback Tracks by Oliver Andrews, on Flickr


A couple from the new Ricoh GR II.