Your Video Editing Thread


This is where you post your video editing projects. Like the photography thread. Only moving.

I use my Macs to make AMVs, Anime Music Videos, you might have heard of similar live action or non-Japanese cartoon “vids” or “mash-ups” or “re-mix culture,” but those are actually newer terms than AMV, which dates from the 90s. I’ve been doing this since about 97/98, and it’s the only real reason I have “prosumer” needs. I have done paid video editing, but never really liked it. I’m not a videographer, a cinematographer, or a film maker. I have RTF training… which I pretty much just apply to AMVs for fun. But ultimately, it’s why I’m here and why I use Macs.

I switched completely because I kept having to reinstall Windows (Vista, in that case, August 2008) in the middle of projects, and I found out that many of the components in my Shuttle PC were shared with the Intel Mac Mini, so I made a hackintosh, and that was more stable than under Vista. When it came time to replace that Shuttle, I got a MacBook White and I’ve only had Macs since. I wanted to replace the Shuttle with a 2008 Mac Pro, but obviously could not afford it… Until a few days ago.

There are previous videos of mine from the Windows days, but the following have all been made on MacOS, 2008-2016 in Premiere 6.5 or Premiere Pro CS5. The first two (Boy at the Piano and Shadow) were edited on the hackintosh. Everything after that has been a MacBook of some sort, MacBook White, MacBook Pro 2010, MacBook Pro 2012. My current projects were started on the MBP 2012, but will be finished on the Mac Pro 2008.

So, post your video stuff, I guess.