Zip Files vanish


After successfully creating many Zip files from Jpegs of scanned documents to email, they are now disappearing. Previously they had appeared as a Zip File icon overlapping the icon of the document from which they were created.

I’ve used the control/click>compress command as before. There is the usual ‘ping’ sound they made as they landed on their ‘parent’ file but they are nowhere to be seen.

I did a "Find’ search which found three but I can’t figure out how to find where they are located or how to retrieve them and stop this from happening…

I can’t find this problem discussed anywhere on the 'net. Can someone help, please?


When I do a Spotlight search for “zip”, I get a list of places where “zip” occurs. (“Show all in Finder.”) Highlighting one shows the path to that particular file at the bottom of the window.
From your edit, you may have found the solution already.



Also worth noting maybe that there is little to no value in compressing jpegs because they’re already compressed. Unless you want a number of images in one zip archive of course. Otherwise though, the difference will be minimal and the zip files could even be slightly larger than the jpegs.


Thanks Alex. I’d reached a dead end until I read that I had to hold down the Command key to show the directory. I was highlighting the file but couldn’t find where it was located.

Right, soulman. It doesn’t really make them any smaller. It just makes the email a bit tidier to send. (I might try scanning them at a lower resolution as the w’less b’band connection uploaded them at the breakneck speed of 28 kbps. One page took almost an hour to send at

Thanks for the input. It’s appreciated.