14" v 16" MBP?

I’ve had 13" MBP’s for a long time now (I had a 17" and found it too big, and even found a 15"a bit large) and its close to time for a replacement for my current 2017 one.

For those of you who have the 16" MBP, have you found the extra realestate useful and how does this way up with the:

  • increased cost
  • increased wight/size (for carrying around)
  • extra real estate required on your desk

I am tossing up between an 13" Air and a 14/16" Pro for taking into the office.


When at home I tend to use my MBP docked with a monitor and peripherals.
I am also planning on upgrading my 2017 MBP this year. Planning on picking one up after the next update (M4 perhaps?).

But due to using it docked most of the time, I am planning on going with the 14".
If you were considering the top spec model, I would then look at the 16" for the additional cooling.

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Sounds like the 15-inch air is perfect for you then?

I have a 16. Significantly more weight. You’d notice the bulk.

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And for — the important — colour question (I’ve settled on a 13" Air with 16/512 GB — also helps with keeping some $$ to put towards a Studio display)

  • Midnight - dark looks nice (no space black option, unfortunately)
  • Space Grey (less fingerprints, not that dark) — has been my goto in the past.
  • Silver (plain, less/no fingerprints, less visible wear?)

Interested in experiences of those who have these.

Are the fingerprints on the Midnight very visible/annoying (like on iPad screens or different?) over time?

Does a padded sleeve help with this?