Advice on the two devices one number dilemma

Hey there

I’m wondering if anyone could chuck some advice at me about ways around using 2 devices with 1 number?
Basically I have an iPhone with a number that I use as my business work phone.
I now have a receptionist who works from home and I would like for her to have my work phone with her permanently so she can just turn it on and off during work hours and get back to client txt messages and sometimes call them.
Only thing is I still need this work phone on me too.

Is there any way of her having a device that is linked to my business phone so that she is able to receive txt messages and I can keep my work phone on me so that I’m able to see what’s coming through also?
Happy for all your ideas and different possible options Thanks!

Hi Krit,

Not a solution for you sorry, but if you did have a second device linked to the same Apple ID with a constant internet connection, that second device would still receive iMessages, FaceTime calls and emails. So you’d receive all the incoming comms from other Apple devices.

I don’t think it’s possible to have two sims tied to the same account.

Have you tried your telco, to see if they can relocate the SIM card? For eg if we damage the sum card we can just go in and get a new one made up, maybe you could just get a 2nd SIM card?

I suspect there would be quite strong security reasons why this may not be a thing outside outfits like NSA or your friendly neighbourhood Mossad agent.

I know radio stations use text lines where they can see text messages in multiple locations, ie studios/etc. Usually its a service you log in to. I suspect you could maybe use a service like Skype or Teams where you have a number assigned to a VOIP service and you can access that from wherever you are logged in. I am not sure if you can have two concurrent logins for a VOIP service, but possibly you could it would depend on the ISP.

I could be wrong! IBut worth mentioning.

Apple iPhone with sim with you, but your receptionist has an Apple Watch linked to that phone with an e-sim, which shares the same phone number, that can work by itself (make sure you get a newer Apple Watch that can work off mobile by itself).

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