Air Pods Pro

Just got an email about new Air Pods Pro, which have different rubber ear sizing finally some earpods that won’t fall out of my ears and noise cancelling.

The specs meet my needs but I haven’t seen any threads on them… anyone know anything about them?

Air Pods Pro - Apple site

Got released without much fanfare. I’ve ordered two pairs (for my wife and myself) so I should be able to compare to my Sony WH-1000XM3 when they arrive. I had having big headphones with me but I like the noise cancelling so we’ll see if these are any good.

My Apple order has the ETA for Thursday.

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Thanks, I look forward to hearing your opinion about them (in particular the noise cancelling).

I’ve used Sony over the ear noise cancelling phones for flying for a couple of years now and they work well but they’re bulky and a short neck means I’m restricted to using thin neck pillows instead of taller more supportive ones.

If the noise cancelling is even close to what a good over the ear set can deliver then I’ll be ordering a set as well.

I’m used to reading reviews but as you say… ‘released without much fanfare’ so reviews (real ones, not just unboxings) are few and far between.

Should have known that Apple would not introduce new colours. I was definitely keen for Gold or Midnight Green, not sure I’m as keen for white. Decisions, decisions.

I think they will come in time

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Somebody did my work for me. Same comparison I was planning to put together. I’m updating my phone so I’ll give my perspective shortly.

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Just to update, noise cancelling is very good. As good as the Sony’s from what I can hear. Quality of sound is definitely a big improvement over the normal AirPods.

As the review indicated, sound isn’t as good as the WH-1000’s but I didn’t expect them to be.

Wireless case is standard. Comfort is good. Nice little feature to check the fit for you.

Gets quite warm when it’s in the case so if it’s charging and you put it in your ear, its warm (not scalding hot)

Try listen to sympathy for the devil and heathens.

Thank you for the review link and the update on your personal experience, I will be ordering a pair :slight_smile:

I’m hoping it’s a little more seamless when it comes to switching between my Mac, iPad and phone. I’ll probably only know that in time but I suspect Bluetooth 5 will help with that.

I’ll only know long term as the issues I’ve had previously are intermittent

I’ve grabbed a pair and these are my first headphones with noise-cancelling, though I have some Etymotics that go right into the ear so I had a vague point of comparison (I use these when drumming) plus the original Airpods. Mini review follows.

The noise cancelling is great. I didn’t know what to expect, and it is a little surreal at first to walk around the house and hear barely any ambient noise, even without music playing. The transparency mode, which keeps noise cancelling on and somehow also lets you hear people talk, works eerily well also.

Sound quality is better than the older Airpods, at least to the point that I’ve turned off the EQ. Bass is noticeably hummier - in a good way - no doubt because the rubber tips create that airtight seal. They don’t seem any more or less comfortable than regular Airpods, and I can fall asleep in bed with those and they don’t fall out (yet to test the Pros as I only got them today).

The Pros use a fake button on the stem to activate pause and skip functions, which I’m still getting used to. The old ones use tapping, which is uncomfortable to do with the tips sealed in your ear, so I can see why this has changed. Holding the fake buttons cycles through the noise cancelling options (or activating Siri), though for now I prefer to change them through long-pressing the volume slider in the control centre on my phone.

I also had a go on the drums with these, something you can’t do with regular Airpods if you value your hearing. Playing gently, they work surprisingly well as earplugs/monitors. Playing hard, my ears began to ring. Still, I doubt many people will use them for this purpose.

In summary, a great upgrade over the regular model.


I wonder if they might get discounted for Black Friday (29/11).

My guess would be that Apple are more likely to discount the earlier versions…

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Ok, I caved. Bought the iPods Pro.

One concern already. The top of the case wobbles a bit and makes a low but noticeable sound. It’s just a minor thing but it’s gonna bug me until I verify if all cases are like this. Might have to go back to the Apple Store on the weekend.

The Whirlpool thread on these has mentioned some wobbly tops…

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No wobbly top on mine unless I’m misunderstanding the definition of wobbly and top

With it closed, put a finger on top, wiggle your finger a millimetre left and right. When I do that, there is noticeable movement and even more noticeable sound.

Mine’s not quite as tight as the old AirPods case.
From what I’ve read it seems to be the norm.

Used them with an Apple TV 4k and the experience was very positive. Had to look behind me a couple times because I thought some noises were coming from the house. One concern I had was bluetooth lag; I can confirm there is no noticeable delay.

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I’m looking to buy a pair so if anyone here no longer needs one let me know. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“kerr, post:18, topic:5189, full:true”]One concern I had was bluetooth lag; I can confirm there is no noticeable delay.

I tried that with the OG Airpods a while back and was quite surprised at just how well they worked over bluetooth. While I almost never use it, it’s sometimes handy when watching something late at night when others are sleeping (and sure beats dragging the long cord across the lounge room :stuck_out_tongue: )

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