Airplay Trouble-Shooting

I like to stream a foreign news program only available online, via my iPad in safari to an ATV-connected TV.

It usually connects fine, though often drops the connect, usually if the iPad has gone to sleep, or if I switch Apps (such as going to another Safari tab). But it’s inconsistent, sometimes the connect is maintained in the background, but other times it doesn’t. Very frustrating (seriously Apple, Airplay should be more stable than this by now!).

But the biggest barrier to streaming is the iPad keeps wanting to stream music instead. It seems to open ‘music’ and starts playing the last music played, which could have been weeks ago!

I’m then ‘doing battle’ with Airplay trying to get it to steam a Safari-based video, rather than music from the music App.

Any suggestions? iPad and ATV have the latest OS, strong wifi connections etc… I try forcing shut the music app but that makes no difference.


Have you tried clicking on the “stream” symbol and select iPad? so then music should only play on ipad? That should not affect streaming safari, I’d hope.

Hi, thanks yes but there is no way to get the video stream back on to Airplay dialogue box, it has been bumped off it by the music with no way of getting it back.

It’s like there needs to be a list streamable media for me to choose from, but there’s not (that I can see), so the iPad chooses to play music only, either via the iPad or ATV.

Oh dear, I’m sorry I could not help :frowning: That was all I could think of.