Airpods Max

At a max price of $899.

I look forward to the comparisons with the other mainstream brand name ANC over ears like the Sony XM4 or Bose 700. Both of which can be regularly purchased on sale at a bit over $300.

Regardless, say no at that price.

AirPods Max: US $549, AU $899 :astonished:
AppleCare+: US $59, AU $79
Replacement Cushions: US $69, AU $99 (link)

The “Smart Case” does not seem so smart to me, it does not protect the headband. And note that they do not have a U1 (ultra wideband) chip.

If anyone is actually interested, you can get them 1-3 weeks sooner if you select engraving. If you want them asap but the thought of engraving sucks, get them engraved with a dot.

I wish I could have these but they’re way out of my league.

I’ve been very impressed with what they’ve achieved with HomePod and HomePod mini so I’m starting to trust them for knowing how to achieve good sound.

The connectivity inside the ecosystem is also really neat.

My OG AirPods are next to useless 2 years down the track, so I wonder how long the usefulness of these are assuming the battery isn’t replaceable either. AppleCare would be a must in that case given the price of ownership.

Alas for me the Beats Flex is all I’m about to spend in future to get the features of AirPods. I wish I was rich!

Love the green variant!

As ridiculous as the price is, and as much as I will always complain about Apple pricing, I’m not really that price sensitive. I paid $450 for AirPods Pro with Apple Care, I’m happy with them whether I paid $200 or $600.

There’s a lot I like about the AirPods Max, but not being foldable and not having an off button or a proper case is unforgivable. The lack of a U1 chip is stupid, are you supposed to stick an AirTag to them?

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Agreed. ‘Australia tax’ back with a vengeance. Even if you add 10% tax to the US price, still only comes to $800.

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I have only one word. “FARRRRRRRRRRRRk!”

I’m still very happy with my pair of Beats Studio 3 - as they have the same W1 chip as the AirPods etc. so they get the full “Apple Headphone” experience in the UI.

That said, Bluetooth on Macs is crap. The headphone I use more than anything else is an old pair of 3.5mm EarPods for the constant video conferences. Works 100% every time. Everyone I have calls with who has AirPods/AirPod Pros/etc. has constant issues. Bluetooth headphones work great on iOS, but on Mac it’s rubbish in my experience. :man_shrugging:

Well, looking around the reviews, if I was to sum up AP max compared with Sony XM4 and Bose 700:

Sound: +1
ANC: +1
Comfort: even (Comfy but weight a concern)
Controls: +3
Tech features: +2 (would be higher but spacial audio doesn’t work with the Apple TV)
Design: +1 (would be higher but if one can was foldable a la solo pro it would have a instant turn off feature and no doubt a real case)
Materials: +1
Weight: -2
Price: - 600 (you can get competing products as low as $300)
That form over function case: -5,000

Durability: unknown but headband mesh a concern for the backpack.
Cleaning: unknown. Mesh and pads less sweaty but not known how easy it is to remove dirt.

I would get the Sonys and give Apple a great big middle finger on price and that case. I reckon Sony must be thanking Apple for boosting interest in their product.