AirPort Extreme for FTTP?

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I have FTTP NBN with Exetel just connected. Unfortunately I can seem to get my AirPort Express to connect correctly via PPPoE.

Three errors: no DNS Servers; PPPoE Server; internet connection.

I checked the username and password were correct.

AirPort Utility gives an IPv4 address of

Anyone have luck setting theirs up, or an idea what I might be doing wrong?

I have connected an old iiNet TG789vac v2 I had from days past and get everything working. Would rather just use the AirPort if possible…


Call me crazy, but just confirming you’ve got it plugged into the right port (the WAN port, with a round circle)? Sounds like it’s not getting an IP. It’s possible that the NBN is locked to the first MAC address that connected to it. I’d call Exetel and ask them. Failing that, I’d churn to AussieBB. They are excellent.

That said, an AirPort Express is fairly underpowered these days and a newer router is probably a good idea if you have a fairly fast plan.

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I tried this again today, and the AirPort Extreme is now working directly connected to the NBN FTTP box. Might have been some gremlins somewhere.

For anyone who finds this and seeking info, I changed ‘Configure IPv6’ (under Internet > Internet Options) to ‘Link-local only’. This removed an IPv6 warning.

So all is good!

I’m going to take a guess that the issue could’ve been the fact that you were trying to use PPPoE Most providers have switch to DHCP.

I only conducted a cursory search but it does look like Exetel are still using PPPoE

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PPPoE it is