Aliases in Apple Mail?

I tried to change an alias this morning, from one I dont use to something I will… and find that now, one has to get iCloud+ to be allowed to do it.

When did that happen? I am peeved!!

I thought the only paid features for mail via iCloud+ were Hide My Email and Custom Email Domain - certainly none of the support articles I’ve just read about Aliases suggest that iCloud+ is required.

Thanks… but I cant save a new alias. Already tried (and yes, tried again just now). Aren’t Aliases meant to hide your email? as in “hide my email”?

I just tried it and I added a new one which worked fine for me with no iCloud+. It seems they’ve cut us back to 3 aliases (used to be 5) and I’d used two so added a third. Just logged into, clicked Mail, clicked Settings next to iCloud, then Accounts, then added the alias there. Looks different to how I remembered it (haven’t done it for ages).

Yeah that is exactly what I have been trying to do. Maybe I just need to keep trying. I’ve only used two aliases and one of those I don’t even use.

[edit] Same again. Cant save it, try again later. BAH!!