Anyone Playing With Old Macs

After just reading this topic:

iMac G4 is 20 years old

and playing around with my old PowerBook G3 Pismo last weekend, I was just wondering if anyone is still playing around with any old Macs.

I have my original Mac, a PM 7300 (actually have a spare as well), a PM 9600 (that I got from someone on MacTalk), my Pismo, a dual processor 500MHz G4 (digital audio I think) and a Mirror Drive Door G4. I’m talking about G4 and older here. I believe these are all in working condition. If I do a bit of tidying up I might be able to set a couple up semi permanently. There is still a fair bit of recent stuff on YouTube regarding vintage Macs. Last night I was watching some stuff about old 3dfx Voodoo video cards. The guy was playing Unreal Tournament etc. and it looked great. I had a Voodoo 1 card in my 7300 at one stage back in the day and I bought a couple of better Voodoo cards from someone on MacTalk also which I never did anything with. I’ll have to dig them out and see what I can do with them.

Waits for @Oldmacs to appear… :slight_smile:

I have a few pre G5 machines…

iMac G4 Lamp
Newton 2000

Might have 1 Clambook too

Only the Cube is in use currently. Have hopes to get the TAM and Cube on some kind of display when we buy our own house this year. Will then decide if I’m going to keep the iLamp or not… I love the Pismo, though if I can get the Cube to run OS 9, I wont have any major reason to hold onto it…

What are you using your Cube for? I remember back in the day you talking about your TAM? To be honest, the only real use for most of these old machines, apart from just tinkering with, is playing old games. I want to get Falcon 4.0 set up on my G4. Let me know if you ever want to sell your Pismo. It doesn’t hurt to have a spare. I just got a Bluetooth/USB 2 PCMCIA card for mine. Works well. Would like to get a wireless card for it too and I’m thinking about putting an SSD in it.

My Cube is used as a live picture frame… and if I ever get my Harmon Kardon speakers working - music too.

Yeah - I think from memory I “found” MacTalk because of my TAM - when I bricked it trying to instal OS X. One day I’d love to try a bit of restoration on it, getting it working properly again… but have no time these days.

I was really looking forward to playing - Puyo Puyo - on my Cube… but then couldn’t get OS 9 to run! Think it’s the Sonnet upgrade card… need to do some research. I know - not the most groundbreaking game - just shareware lol - but good memories.

This looks awesome - as a cool vintage CD player:

I think 99% of playing/tinkering with old Macs is about the memories.

I have 2 or 3 Sonnet upgrade cards. They’re worth their weight in gold these days!

The price is about right from what I’ve seen.

Finally - it’s about at the price I payed in 1998! :slight_smile:

Expensive CD player… I do love the sound it puts out though. Even if Bose has its haters.

I was playing Duke Nukem for a few hours last night. I was a bit rusty compared to the old days!