Apple ID and pass not being accepted

Anybody had this issue before? Seriously crazy. Just prepping my SE2020 for trade or sale because I want a 12 mini, and ID and pass were accepted to unpair my watch, but are not being accepted for signing in to do anything else (removing find my phone so I can reset the device). How mad is that. The ID is correct, the pass is correct, but apple verification server is telling me that its wrong. And it isnt. I’ve stopped trying now because I know theres a limit on how many times you can attempt a sign in. which, by the way, is still working just fine on my ipad and iP7 that I am temporarily switching to. Talk about frustrating!!

Remove it from the web interface?

But I still wont be able to reset the phone and get rid of my data :frowning: I wonder how long before I could try again without risking being locked out for good…

Remove from your Apple ID via the web interface, restore back to factory settings using iTunes.

A bit of a whew here, it seems it was a server issue and it righted itself already. Phone is being reset as I type. Thanks for the advice, I’ll store that for next time. I keep forgetting about the web interface :slight_smile: