Apple in 2021: The Six Colors report card

Six Colors do an annual report on Apple’s performance in different areas and the most recent one was published last week.

They’ve been surveying a small group of “writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about Apple” since 2015 and it’s interesting to track this mob’s views on various metrics.

It’s quite a long read. Here are a few quick takeaways:

  • Most people love the new Mac hardware and overall direction of the platform;
  • There are raves about the new iPad Mini, but everyone seems to think iPadOS is seriously letting the team down;
  • People’s view of Apple software quality varies quite a bit. Not everyone thinks it’s crap and getting worse all the time;
  • Developer relations generally and the App Store in particular seem to be a big problem for a lot of people and that’s getting worse;
  • A lot of people seem to really love AirPods.
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