Apple Pay in Maps

As spotted by @Mitty:

Coles and Woolies have it, McDonald’s doesn’t. Veeeeeery interesting…

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The Woollies near home (big new massive one with cafe and sushi bar inside) has it. The Woollies near my work (small, pointless one) doesn’t.


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When iOS lets you add AU credit cards, that’s when you’ll know it’s really happening. Right now it seems like an interesting curiosity. Would love to be wrong though…

Right now I would be happy to even have my Village Cinema membership QR code somehow able to be put in Wallet. Have not been able to figure it out yet. I contacted Village Cinema and they responded by saying they have no plans to integrate with Wallet. Wasted opportunity.

Now that I look around I’m more and more intrigued. If there were any small stores with it we could write it off as a data error, but the fact that it’s just Woolies and Coles (and not even all of them) is curious.

Maybe Apple are doing an end-run around the payment processors and dealing directly with the retailers…

Whichever way they do it i’m super keen

Only issue is that the uses for it are all American almost, and anything Australian is like just one-off uses like plane tickets and concert tickets.

Can’t find a Sydney Coles or Woolies with it. :frowning:

Here you go :smile:

Must be only ones on Elizabeth Street! :wink:

Coles Broadway has it

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Brisbane and Perth too.

I’m loving that possible big news for us Apple nuts is breaking on here, reminds of the good old days when Mactalk broke some big stories.


I truly hope this means it will be ready to use soon. :slight_smile:

I’ve reached out to Apple for comment - will be interesting to see if there’s any response.


Nice :+1:

Story now on Macrumors :). ATAU gets a mention!


And on 9to5Mac, though they credit MacRumors and not us.

AppAdvice has the story now as well.