Apple Pay verification issues (ANZ)

Has anyone had issues with ANZ cards in Apple Pay?

I have a (relatively) new card and wallet has the card verification as ‘not completed’. I have gone through two factor authentication and set up all seems to go smoothly through to the end (and I receive the ANZ email).

I have added/removed/re-added a number of time and still the same issue…

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I have not had any issue with either of my ANZ cards, have you tried ringing ANZ card support?

My ANZ card stopped working with Apple Pay the other day, but I think that was my phone - it came good after I rebooted it. I’ve not had the issue you describe. I would be contacting ANZ too I think.

Thx. will drop into my local branch during the week.

I had the same this week - however I’m with Commonwealth.
Happened at about 4 terminals.
I deleted from iPhone & watch, re-installed & all is well again.
So, not sure where the problem was…