Apple’s One More Thing event Nov 2020

What do people think the 11 Nov announcement is about?

ARM MacBook Airs

I’m going to guess a new Apple TV, that seems to be likely with the recent emphasis on Apple TV+

The other possibility I thought of was the iPad mini, it hasn’t been updated and the other iPads are either new or at the very least more recent models.

The MacBook Pro and iMac Pro are also older models but I’d expect them to get their own special not a mere ‘one more thing’ release so I doubt that it’s them.

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I agree with Woofy. ARM Macs, or in Apple terminology, “Apple Silicon” Macs

There is also a chance of:

  • A new iPad Pro given the new iPad Air is so close to the existing iPad Pro spec
  • A new Apple TV as suggested by Geoff3DMN
  • Those “Find My” Apple tags

My money is on:

  • 14-inch MacBook Pro (ARM) to be sold alongside current 13-inch MBP Intel which will continue for a bit.
  • A new Mac mini (ARM)
  • iPad Pro (5G update)

And in my dreams…

  • a new 32-inch 6K iMac (ARM) to be sold alongside current 21/27 Intel iMacs for a while

I’m counting on this, I’ve been eager to upgrade for a good while now

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Mac mini? Current model over 2 yrs old.

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Mac Mini



Apple Glasses

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Really hope Apple release a 14" laptop next year (don’t see it happening next week). Ideally it would be a MacBook Air, I don’t need the extra grunt of a Pro, but if a 14" Pro was the only option, so be it.

I wish Apple would do something like this:
14" & 16" MacBook Pro, 13" & 15" MacBook Air, or
13" & 16" MacBook Pro, 12" & 14" MacBook Air, or
14" & 16" MacBook Pro, 12" & 14" MacBook Air

I’m hearing that the 12" MacBook will make a comeback, I hope it doesn’t. Just stick with two product lines.

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I would LOVE a 15-inch Air with an ARM CPU.

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My perfect device would be a 14" or 15" Macbook Air with Touch ID, a 1080p camera and one USB-C port on either side. I currently have a 2017 13" Macbook Pro and would be hoping to upgrade within 12 months.

I wasn’t planning on being awake but I couldn’t sleep. 5am and it’s 25.4C in Melbourne.

Tim Cook already with the “nue”, he’s never been able to pronounce the word new.

New Mac mini! Sold!


No Apple TV, I should’ve just slept through it.


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So much for Apple Silicon Macs being cheaper. Also the lack of eGPU support is a downer.

I’m interested to hear if any of you guys are concerned about losing Bootcamp support?

I think Apple moving to their own chips is exciting for the future but unfortunately for me I need to be able to run Windows via Bootcamp. I bought a new 2020 iMac in September to last me the next few years.

Do any others rely on Bootcamp and how do you feel about Apple Silicone Macs?

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Unhappy, but it doesn’t matter what I think as Apple has set course. Just adds to the list of compromises of buying a new Mac.

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Wait - was that confirmed!? :weary:

While we may lose Boot Camp, I suspect Parallels or VMware will work out some sort of solution. Hopefully the solution won’t be running Windows ARM. The downside is there is almost definitely going to be a performance hit to emulation.
But if you only need it for light usage, should be fine.

I look at this as an extension of the iPad Pro line… but in computer form! Look at those prices and all of a sudden the new M1 prices don’t look quite so out of kilter.

My wife is still using my old 2013 15’ rMBP with a new battery installed this year. Magsafe and all the ports! That is likely to be the next computer we replace and while not an immediate need it is likely to be in that two year transition window.

If it’s near the end and there is demonstrated vendor support and review of how well they actually work it probably wont be a hard choice, but if it was today I’d be torn between a 16" machine still rocking the Inel badge and the new M1 hotness. Limited future support on the intel platform vs likely compromise and issues in the short term on the M1.

Did they talk to what the future of the Mac Pro is?