Apple Smart Keyboard

Hi. I’ve have a 12.9inch Apple IPad Pro 2nd Gen and use an Apple Smart Keyboard. I am currently on my second keyboard within the past 18 months. After a short period of time of using the keyboard (approx 6 mths) a message comes up saying ‘accessory not supported’. I have tried completely disconnecting and even reset the IPad to factory settings but the fault lies with the keyboard. They don’t have a very good life span. I am now resorting to an alternate compatible brand of Bluetooth keyboard. I won’t be buying another Apple Keyboard.


I would suggest that if the keyboards are less than 2 years old you should get Apple to repair or replace them.
They should be happy to do so under Australian Consumer Law.


As said above, Australian Consumer Law should cover you for 2 years from purchase date. That said, regardless of the age of any product, booking a Genius Bar appointment / going to an Apple Store should always be one of your options. A few years ago, I had a 3 year old iPhone repaired (for free) that had some weird screen issue.

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