Apple Trade-in

Has anyone ever used Apple Store trade-in?

Just went to use their trade-in to buy a a new iphone, trading the iphone 14. Was happy with what they offered, and went to make a purchase, but then read the fine print.

The trade-in value is ‘estimate only’, and is handled by some third party. So what happens if they dont agree with the original value??

Sounds like a scam to get you to buy a new product, with no guarantee the trade-in offer will be offered!

I have always found Rebeelo/Mobile Monster to be higher and more reliable for trade in than Apple.

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Yes Ive used Mobile Monster many times, and they are reliable. But presently Apple tradein is actually higher. But I dont trust the fine print. Hence wondering peoples experiences.


I traded in my iPhone XR on a 15 Pro just before Christmas. I was very happy. For about $30 more than Mobile Monster offered. I think the condition has to be substantially different to give you a lesser amount. If you are honest, you will get what they offer.

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Actually the solution was to go into the Apple Store.

Popped in to enquire about the trade in. They were able to give me a firm Trade-in price, as long as I bought the new iphone that day.

So thats the solution, if you can get into a store they’ll inspect and provide the credit on the spot off the new phone.

FYI iPhone 14 Pro Max currently $1100 offered, which is more than Mobile Monster!

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Mobile Monster was terrible when I tried them recently. I’ve had prices agreed on the website only to drop them in and they reduce their offer to something ludicrously low. Never again.

Why on earth is anyone on a forum like this buying an iPhone 15 now?? :thinking: