Apple Watch

So I’m still rocking my Series 0 Apple Watch, battery is still fine and it pretty much does everything I want it to do (basic notifications/calendar and timers via Siri when I’m cooking). I don’t really need GPS and apparently this thing is water resistant enough for everything I do.

So how much better is Gen 3 over 0? (or even over Series 1/2?) . Does it bring anything to the table that normal people use other than gps/cellular? Is the speed that different in day to day use? And what use is that anyway?


I have a series 2 but considering upgrading to 3 just for the cellular.

It seems you can’t get the stainless model in anything buy cellular which is a bit of a shame since I want the glass but not necessarily the sim slot.

Nitpicking but it doesn’t have a SIM slot - the SIM is embedded.

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It has an “eSIM” so no pysical sim or sim slot

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I have a series 0 too and I’m considering upgrading to series 3. I’m really thinking about whether I need GPS or cellular.

On another note, anyone know how much a series 0 sport space grey apple watch is worth these days?


You know I didn’t even look at that, I just sort of assumed it needed a SIM. It will be interesting to see how carriers handle transfer of devices like the bad old days.

I’ve been thinking about this myself, this is how I think it could work. Very much a guess and probably completely wrong. It’s times like this I miss working for a telco; I like to know how the sausages get made.

  • Apple holds a ‘source of truth’ as to which carrier the Watch is associated to (along similar lines to their carrier locking database for iPhones)
  • The Watch (or more likely the iPhone with the Watch association) connects to an Apple server and grabs a carrier file, based on a carrier entry in Apple’s database.
  • This carrier file provides the Watch with the ICCID and IMSI necessary to register on the carrier’s network
  • Should the Watch be deregistered from one carrier and associated with another, the database is updated by both the losing and gaining carriers (in a similar fashion to mobile number portability) and the replacement carrier file is pushed out via the iPhone.

I’ll get the 3 for the cellular.

Very cool that it’s an eSIM - didn’t know that.

I will get a 3 in coming months. Interested to see how the GPS works, and if apps will become available for route track (i.e. cycling) and similar…

Would prefer space black, seems the Al model is pace grey only (i.e. a feature for the more expensive stainless)?

My Series 0 is black with a black steel (eBay) band. I’m keen for a silver finish next time around as I think it matches a suit and tie better than a big black thing sitting on your wrist…

All of that to say, I think I prefer silver :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone preordered?

I just did, didn’t realize preordering was open, and delivery is now up to 12 October!

I preordered at about 5.15 pm with delivery 25-27th September.

I pre-ordered within 2 minutes of the store coming back up and the stainless steel one was already at 25-27 September shipping date. Gosh I feel guilty spending that kind of money on a watch.

Me too, but to put it into perspective, earlier in the year I had to buy a new dive computer at the bargain price of $1400.00

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Telstra have announced this One Number plan for the S3 Apple Watch so the eSIm will have the same number as your phone.

Can’t find pricing though.


Optus is free for the first 6 months then $5 / month. From ATP pricing in the US is $10 / month (at least for whatever carrier they were complaining about).

No point in the Apple Watch 3 here in NZ as there is no cellular support for it (not that I see a fit for the Apple Watch for me anyway, I have not worn a watch in years and think I’d only find it annoying and couldn’t justifuy the cost anyway)

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I used to think that way too - then I bought one!

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Yep. I hadn’t worn a watch in forever (always used to), I even tried out wearing my favourite old mechanical one and found that I never looked at it. It seems that I just got too in the habit of looking at my phone (or desktop computer… or laptop) which was in front of me all day at my desk.

I ended up buying the Apple Watch after I got sick of everyone asking me what I thought of it and figured I’d try it out. My phone now pretty much lives on silent, I’ve turned off a vast majority of my notifications and I’m happy. Important stuff (like my next meeting, messages and phone calls) comes through quietly and I can see at a glance what’s up next. In the kitchen, it handles all my timers (and I never used to use the phone for those).