Apple's "Security Recommendations" - Password comprimised


I just set up my new iPhone 11.

First thing it told me was that my password/s have been compromised.

It has given me a list of websites / apps that it says are comprised - including AppleTalk.

Delving deeper, I’m not sure if it’s actually aware of a “compromise” - or if it’s actually because I may be using the same password on a few different sites…

Anyone else get this warning?



Yes, have had that also, for me it was a list of 50+!

I also was unclear what ‘compromised’ meant, and I scanned down the list to see if any critical or current (eg bank), and most were not used and ancient. It appeared to be nearly every password I’ve ever created on websites! That’s because it includes any reused passwords or ‘weak’ passwords. ie not a very helpful lost.

I’m aware my personal details could be stolen, but for most they were so old, that either that has already occurred (it hasnt), or the websites themselves had recognised the breach and had already reset everyone’s passwords.

So from memory I didnt take any action, except for any I currently use which I changed.

This is what I did (am doing)… I had dozens and some are so old I couldn’t be bothered doing anything about it.

The passwords have appeared in a data leak.

Have I been Pwned is another source for seeing if your passwords are leaked.

[edit] FYI if you need to change the pass for your apple ID and have 2FA enabled… do not remove from all devices at the same time. getting the code for 2FA became a bit dodgy for me. It sent to my Mini which was in the throes of an update, so of course never received. I was able to get it done on the phone so received codes there instead. yikes.