AppleTV 4K vs Amazon Prime Video 4K

So I moved into the world of 4K today after the PSU in my old Samsung LCD decided to let out it’s magic smoke :frowning: (I’ll look into replacement parts to see if I can get it working again, but the main TV has been upgraded to a QLED 65" Samsung… which is nice).

Anyway, I grabbed a new AppleTV 4K to go with it, setup was very straight forward, logging in grabbed all my old apps (in the right places too) and it’s running nicely. Netflix happily plays 4K content but Amazon Prime Video fails everytime I attempt to play 4K content with an error message saying to try again later. HD content works fine.

(speed isn’t an issue on 100MBit cable).

There seems to be some threads around the net talking about this issues from 2017/18 but nothing more recent. It’s also worth noting that 4K content plays just fine through the new TV’s built in Amazon app, it’s just the ATV.

Does anyone have any further information on this issue and if it was ever resolved? Or what changes to settings might help??

So things got interesting.

While it was all (otherwise) working passably, I tried to play with the video settings turning them down from full 4K HDR to no effect so turned them back up… at which point it decided to flash and flicker and just not like the connection anymore.

Using the ‘Test HDMI’ function told me the cable was not up to snuff.

One of these (and a shorter one too) didn’t make things better despite being listed as “The cable supports HDMI 2.0 and 2.0a ports”. Mind you, none of this info was on the packaging, but it’s definitely that product:

So back they went and I grabbed two of these instead from JBHiFi along with their pretty Certified Cable hologram.

BAM. Now the cables pass the HDMI test on the ATV which is nice, although some content still failed to play, although some other 4K content from Amazon did… very strange. I tried rebooting all things to no end…

…and now this afternoon it’s all working for no apparent reason…

I’m not asking questions, just being happy about it!

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