ATAU: Cannot log in from that IP address?

Having a bit of a problem trying to log into to ATAU from my iMac - I keep getting an error from the site saying I can’t log in with my IP address. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Screenshot of the error message? Haven’t seen it before, and we’re not explicitly blocking any IPs.

Never mind, it worked just now - not sure what that was about. Message was something like “Cannot log in as AVC from that IP Address”

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You can’t log in as recd from that IP address.

I forgot my password

I am getting the same message (for the last week or so) in firefox when I attempt to log in. Doesn’t happen in safari; from which i can login.

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Could be a corrupt cookie. Delete cookies and try again?

Interesting. Looks like CloudFlare is preventing logins — I’ve whitelisted CloudFlare’s IP now, so we should be good, but let me know if you see any more login issues.

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