Attaching/ Uploading image not working?

As per title.

Used to be I can drag and drop an image. Not working at moment?

Also tried using uploading button - same thing.

Let me try here - this is what you see, even after waiting a long time:

Processing: Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 10.43.16 am.png…

(On Windows) I downloaded the image below to my desktop then dragged it over


When I was writing my Dark Castle post the other day, one particular image did the same thing - it wouldn’t get passed the “Processing” step. Was only the 1 image that was a problem though.

Do other pics work?

Ok, I worked it out - JPGs work, but PNGs don’t work.

Huh, weird. We’ll take a look at it, thanks for letting us know.

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My image above is a PNG file from