Australia - Arms Dealer


Did this story not sit well with anyone else?

Now followed up with…

Personally I hate the thought that we as a nation would be contributing to this particular “industry”. Of all the things that we could be doing with our resources, aiming to become one of the best providers of weapons in the world just makes me sick, as at the end of the day we are helping to kill someone/s.

Surely we are better than this?

Yes, we could be supplying weapons to nations that need to protect themselves… Sure. That’s feasible. Or, as suggested above, we could be selling advanced killing tech to countries known for their dubious human rights records, who could well simply use the weapons to continue committing indecent criminal acts.

Good one, Australia.

Sorry - probably thinking too much with my emotions on this one.


No, I’m with you Cosmic. It seems like a backward step generally for us to become arms dealers to the world, but selling to a country where people are beheaded for saying the wrong thing about the government and/or dominant religion is reprehensible.

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Welcome to capitalism!

Money above all else. You don’t export weapons thinking they’re going to good people.


I think what upset me even more, reading the 2nd article above… was that the company that’s been awarded $38m by the Govt to make their remote controlled mounted weapons system… is a weapons, and space company.

Yes, ok - space and weapons have basically always laid in bed together… I just… wish they didn’t.