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This article suggests that Australia, and in particular our mining/fossil fuel industries, is polluting a great deal more than is being reported.

One of the things that my father always says to me on the topic of Australia and global warming, is - why should Australia have to lead the way when we only produce 1.5% of emissions globally?

I’m wondering now how accurate that is - if we’ve been under-stating our emissions for years - just how bad of a polluter are we…




A lot of people take that train of thought, but my view is that Australia and much of the world outsources their manufacturing to China, the worlds biggest polluter, and we should take ownership of our fair share of that.

Our emissions wouldn’t be 1.5% if we manufactured locally everything we currently import from China.

Australia in particular also supplies them the “fuel for their fire” with our mining exports so we’re doubly complicit.

If we want to remain the influencing force in the pacific we need to lead by example and help our neighbours before it’s too late.


That’s a really good point - that we are consuming a lot of goods that caused pollution in their manufacture in other countries ie China, not to mention the burning of the fossils we ship offshore. Good fuel to debate with my dad tomorrow when I see him. :slight_smile:

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Those hotspots correspond with coal mines.

Still couldn’t talk my dad around. Not shocked though. He’s done his bit for Australian society. Got an OAM and all, so can’t complain that he now sees no value in things like recycling, or global warming. I mean - it would be good if he did care… but - whether he likes it or not, he’s raised 3 kids who are all believers in those things. :slight_smile: And none of us back his political party, either.

And yes - the hot spots are mines that were self-reporting under-rated pollution figures. Surprise surprise…