Backup offsite

Hi folks
I am now doing audio podcast production and as the client list grows I’m looking to have a good offsite backup plan.

Is Backblaze still a solid option? What do you use?

I use SpiderOak. - SpiderOak One Backup
I thought it had a better offer for my needs. - But everyone to their own.
Mac, Windows and Linux (Linux gui & command line) compatible software interface
Unlimited number of devices, and various data size packages.
Selectable files and directories for backup, plus a “Hive” folder that syncs across all devices.
Syncing can be automatic or scheduled.

But it’s just one of the offerings…

I’ve been using Crashplan for several years. Works well for me. I’m up to 7 Tb backed up and synced off-site now.

My Synology backs up easily to Backblaze no issues.