Can I ignore users in Discourse?

You know, I was going to write a whole rebuttal of everything Currawong said and how unsupported and irrational it is and then I remembered he was from other boards.

Is there a way to put someone on ignore here?

Answer: no, you can’t.

I’m against putting other users on ignore for a few different reasons, but mostly because it hinders actual discussion. Can’t discuss topics if you can’t see someone else’s point of view :wink:

You can put someone on mute, which will mute all notifications from that user. Check it out in your notifications settings (click your avatar, gear icon, then notifications on the right hand side).

Remember: debate the viewpoint, not the person presenting the viewpoint.


Half the problem with the world today is people walk around with a philosophical mute button that they use to ignore anyone with a different viewpoint, even if that viewpoint is based on verified fact rather than just opinion.


This is one of the reasons I rarely block or mute on platforms. I will do it only if the person is an obvious troll or has begun to use ad hominem attacks. I think Currawong is wrong on this topic, but I wouldn’t mute him. Views become more resilient when forced to confront challenges and thus be refined to raise objections to the objections.

There’s academic discussion and then there’s unsubstantiated and opinionated ranting. One of those I’ll engage with; the other I’ll ignore.


This is fair.