Chrome OS Flex

From WCCF Tech: Have an Old Mac That Is Lying Around? Google’s Chrome OS Flex Will Breathe Life Back Into It

Google has released a version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Flex. With a simple installer available for both Mac and PC. It is still a beta so wont be perfect.

Google Link: Get Chrome OS Flex for PC or Mac - Chrome Enterprise

Seems like an awesome way of getting some use out of old hardware. Should help reduce e-waste.
There are still some minimum requirements. It must be an Intel device (no ARM machines) with 4GB RAM and 16GB of storage. Primary drawback for those familiar with Chrome OS is that it doesn’t support running Android applications.
But a great way to turn an old mac into a useable device for someone who just needs browsing and email.

Keen to know how it goes for anyone giving it a try.

Sounds good. I may consider for my elderly parent with older Mac hardware. Is it secure? The danger with older computer users is that they are prone to being hacked, and a leaky OS may be a risk.