Clean up junk on Mac

I would like to clean up Mac to speed it up. Thanks in advanced

I use an app called CleanMyMac X.

It makes it easy to maintain your Mac.

Its good, but mind how you go… I’ve never trusted it to any automatic actions since it wiped out a bunch of photos I wanted to keep. That said… it works beautifully if you’re careful. Been using it since its first version but haven’t upgraded to X yet.

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Good advice.
I have not had any issues over the last ten years using versions 2, 3 and X. However, I am careful how I use it. I also have a good backup system.

I find that it addresses all the regular maintenance required, and more. It certainly frees up a lot of storage.

I’ve used Onyx for a long time and always found it works well.
Same as above, you need to check what it’s doing, it does give warnings for things that can’t be undone.

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If you use pro apps steer away from Clean My Mac.

Onyx is OK.


It’s probably worth asking, which Mac? Any idea on specs?