Compressed Air - Hand held tool?


I just picked up a can of compressed air for $13. Don’t use a lot of the stuff - but probably should clean my computers more often than I do.

It occurred to me - there’s probably other options… and sure enough:

Air compressor that’s like a power tool.

Anyone use one of these for cleaning their electronics?



Just had my brother in law demolish his iPhone mic using one of these to clean it. Steer clear of any microphones!

Oh - thanks for the warning! Maybe they are a bit too powerful…

I have been using a much larger air compressor. More like something you would use for painting. But its large and noisy and have been considering alternatives.

These are very commonly used by Tech channels on YouTube. Datavac.

An aussie youtuber is currently trialing this one and said they would report back after a bit of use.

But a much better investment to pick up something like this as opposed to purchased compressed air cans all the time.

One thing to be wary of is using these on fans. If you manually spin fans too fast it can damage the internal bearings. So you just need to be cautious and use them at a further distance.


How do you clean a fan?? I blow them round to try get what I can off… but I’m hey are often still dirty.

It is fine to clean them with air, its just something to be conscious of.
For example, if a fan has a max speed of 1600 rpm, and you spin it with an air blower manually at 3000 rpm, you could risk damaging it. So it depends on the fan and the force of the air being used.
Compressed air cans don’t provide enough pressure for this to be a problem.
If you use some of the tools mentioned previously, you may need to hold it further back or hold the fan still while you clean it.
I also will usually get in there with a lightly damp cloth after cleaning with air in order to get some of the remaining dust out. This can be tough depending on the type of fan. Obviously a PC case fan can be taken out and cleaned properly. A laptop fan may not have that option.

Ahh ok! :slight_smile: Have only had cans so far.

Thought maybe a Qtip may work on the fans… but depend on the blade gaps…

I’ve used one of the ones in your link, the one with the clear blue tube thing. It’s a vacuum as well as a duster, but it’s not particularly strong I have to say. So I mostly just use it as a mini vacuum.

I’ve used the car drying blowers to clean the inside of my PC out when it gets dusty. Works well.

7 months later… wish I’d acted already and had an electric blower. Think I’ll go with one off Amazon with a lot of reasonable reviews. But today - gotta buy my “last” can o air.

Try Bunnings, Ryobi blower:

Has anyone tried a hairdryer on cool?

I imagine you probably could… although getting really pointed / concentrated control of the air may not work very well…?

Decided I’m going to get a 240v air compressor… of some kind… (aka cheap) Just need to do some research.

I have a couple of air compressors:

A cheap one from Bunnings. Have had it for probably 10 years now. Was $99 when I bought it. Probably a lot more now;

A cheap, small airbrush compressor from Aldi. Works well. Is much quieter than the big one. Haven’t used it a lot yet.

I have ended picking up a Datavac. While pricey it does the job really well and comes with a variety of attachments. Also useful for cleaning other things such a floor fans, etc.