Covid vaccine certificate in Apple Wallet

Hi all, great news, if you’ve had your COVID vaccination (both shots) you can now get a digital certificate in Apple Wallet through the medicare express app.

Shame that you can’t get your medicare card as well!


I get the feeling this is going to become more important over the next 6-12 months… then - never again. Hopefully.

It’s been a long coming but I’m very happy that digital wallet apps are getting more love from organisations and governments. Still needs more support though as some cards and certificates still haven’t gone digital.

Here’s the official announcement of the covid digital certificate:

looks at her little easily copyable American CDC card


(Pfizer crew here, back in May).

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Just… don’t… have… words…

I’ve done it. Could be handy in times to come. One of the local pubs here will now not let you in the door unless you are a local (that is, local to this region… no Sydneysiders welcome at the moment)… You have to show proof of address on your Driver Licence. I reckon they will be the first to jump on board with wanting ppl to be fully vaxxed and to prove it.

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Very cool.

Just added this to my Wallet. Also Medibank as well.

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Yep done, cool. Already used it once (for work).

Anyone have an Apple Watch? Does it look ok on the small screen?

Looks fine. Name and DOB only, so you have to tap for valid from date.


What happens now that the TGA is rebranding AstraZeneca to Vaxzevria? I understand this is happening for 2 reasons: bad press re clots, but more importantly, some countries (Europe, Canada) may not recognise AZ certificates.

I seriously doubt that already-generated certificates in your digital wallet can be automatically updated.

In other news, it appears that anyone can generate a covid certificate for themselves even if you have had 0 or 1 doses.

Oh dear… looks like this needs some review!


For those in Victoria, update your Service Victoria app today and you can attach your covid digital certificate. I get the impression the government will be moving forward with this rather than the digital wallet apps. Play around with it and you will see why.


We set it up and used it today. It seems like an easy way to check in and to prove you are vaccinated. You need to have the latest updates of the Medicare Express app and the Services Victoria app.

If they scrapped the CovidSafe app and added its close contact monitoring functionality (but using the Apple/Google software), then the one Services xxx app would do the lot.

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Just did it last night - glad we have a digital certificate. In the US they are still using paper!

A digital certificate that can be easily forged (if you know how), much discussion on twitter about this by cybersecurity professionals.

True. Although to be fair, paper certificates may be just as easy if not easier to forge too.

I think the requiring a covid certificate for check-ins will be short-lived, be they digital or hard copy. Internationally it might be a different story.

Sadly :frowning:

Half the places I went yesterday didn’t ask for it at all.