Hello all,

Just a couple of quick updates on display options that have recently become available.
Fonts/dark theme
Under Settings > Interface you’ll find a Theme option with the ability to change from the default Gotham font to San Francisco, and/or to a dark theme.

Default home page
We’ve had the default home page set to Latest from the beginning, but if you’d prefer the Categories view (more of a standard forum view) or something else, have at it.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t realise there was an interface option in settings! I love San Francisco font, and now in the dark theme it’s even better!

Lovely jubbly! Loving dark modes :slight_smile:

I’ve hit a problem this morning on my work computer, the San Francisco themes all have screwed up fonts which look like what I can best describe as a screen running at non native resolution. Switching to either the standard to dark Appletalk theme solves the problem.

This is on my work computer, so Windows with Chrome so I’m guessing the font doesn’t exist or is blocked for some reason.